Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

What is PRP Treatment?

Platelets are one of the 4 constituents of blood, the rest being the White Blood Cells (WBC), Red Blood Cells (RBC) and Plasma. The simple understanding of a layman is his knowledge of platelet function in blood clotting during an injury. This is true because of its composition of 30 biologically active proteins which help it in this task and in tissue healing.

PRP has been used over the years in dermatological practice, trichology and aesthetics because of the fundamental role of platelets in wound healing. This healing ability is made possible because of the 7 fundamental protein growth factors that are actively secreted by platelets which initiate the wound healing process.

PRP Treatment uses fresh blood samples obtained at the time of treatment. Blood is drawn with the inclusion of an anticoagulant to prevent platelet activation before use. The blood drawn through venepuncture by a phlebotomist is subjected to differential centrifugation to separate the red blood cells, white blood cells and the final platelets which are suspended in the top plasma volume. The supernatant plasma contains a high platelet count which is then transferred into another sterile tube and used for the PRP procedure.

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The procedure includes injecting your own platelet-rich plasma into your skin, which delivers a high concentration of growth factors that help the body's natural healing process. This will assist you in achieving complete rejuvenation.

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PRP Treatment for Hair Re-growth

The human scalp hair as we know it serves some functions which include protection of the scull, transmission of sensory information, gender identification and above all object of aesthetic beauty, especially in women than men.

The human hair goes through 3 developmental growth phases which include Anagen lasting 2 to 6 years, the Catagen, a transitional phase during which growth stops and the deeply rooted hair bulb starts to shrink. This lasts 2 – 4 weeks. The final phase is the Telogen which is the resting phase lasting 2 – 4 months and during which the hair bulb and follicles shrink and hair starts to fall off.

Various factors affect hair growth. These include ageing, hormonal, certain medication, pregnancy, nutritional deficiencies to mention a few. The overall effect of these factors lead to hair loss and this is where Pharma Aesthetics comes in to give a helping hand to help restore your hair growth through our PRP hair restoration process.

After the initial consultation by our hair and scalp specialist who will assess the level and area of loss, look at your medical history and take treatment consent, the treatment procedure has then begun in earnest.

Next is our qualified phlebotomist who will take your blood samples which will be utilised during the PRP treatment.

The samples of PRP are then injected using micro-needling into the hair follicles of the different areas already assessed as needing treatment.

Three treatments at an interval of 6 weeks are recommended in order to achieve success and with procedure repeated 6-monthly for lasting effect.

PRP Treatment for Facial Rejuvenation by Micro-Needling (Vampire Facial)

The ageing process affects skin nature adversely in general. Additional damage is done due to the years of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. As a result of these, elastin makes the skin hold breaks to cause overall sagging.

The human face which is the first eye-catching feature on the human body and always in contact with the environment round the clock suffers from fine line wrinkles, discolouration, spots, lesions and melasma.

Our aesthetics practitioners, versatile in the use of the micro-needling process will deliver micro-injections of PRP to treat desired areas of the face. Three treatment courses are recommended at a 4-weekly interval. When the desired effects are achieved, a maintenance treatment every 2-3 months is additionally recommended. Normal activities can be resumed immediately by the client after the procedure with minimal downtime.

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