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Stop smoking permanently with Champix available to buy from our registered online pharmacy.

Medical information

Answer medical questions to order

Have you read the medical information section?
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Have you been diagnosed with renal (kidney) disease?
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Not including occasional urine infection.

Are you pregnant or breastfeeding or planning to become pregnant whilst taking Champix?
Yes No
Have you been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder or suffer from depression?
Yes No

Minor brief episodes of depression not included.

Are you aware Champix should be stopped if agitation, depressed mood, or changes in behaviour are causing concern?
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A small number of people experience agitation, depressed mood or changes in behaviour whilst taking Champix. If these occur Champix should be stopped.

Are you aware people not already taking Champix, should order a 2 week starter pack first (to build up dose)?
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People not already taking Champix should order a 2 week starter pack first (to build up dose).

Do you have any further medical information or questions?
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Is there anything you do not understand or do you need further help?

Do all the following apply to you?
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The tablets are for my own use and I will not share my medication with anyone else I will read the patient information leaflet supplied with my tablets I am over 18 and I agree to identity verification checks I have completed this questionnaire myself and fully understand all the information My responses are honest and accurate, and I understand that this is necessary for a safe medical assessment I agree to the terms & conditions, privacy policy, data sharing policy & consent to cookies.

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