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How Can I Join The Weight Loss Clinic and Start Losing Weight?

You must first complete an online medical assessment and undertake a medical consultation to ensure that we can discuss all the options available to help you loose weight safely and successfuly. This may include the use of prescription medicines if our practitioner believes that you are suitable and it is safe for you to use them.

Simply fill out the booking form below to make an appointment or contact us to discuss any further questions you may have about how the Weight Loss Clinic can help you on your weight loss journey.

Treatment Options

Our programme is designed to help people lose weight. It offers a range of services, including consultations with dieticians and psychologists, and it offers a variety of treatments, such as appetite suppressants and fat-burning drugs.

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Options are available for booking with our Weight Loss Clinic online or by visiting our clinic in person. We make it easy for you by providing a list of treatments available for those who prefer to book in advance before their journey.

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complete an initial assessment and we will pick it up and contact you to follow up on consultation

Pharma Aesthetics

Treatment Options


(Semaglutide Tablets for candidates who are aversed to Ozempic injection)
Available in 3mg X 30 tablets, 7mg X 30 and 14mg X 30 tablets.

*Price: may vary depending on supplier and availability. Please ask for variation details if any. 

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