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Fine Line & Age Wrinkle Treatment
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Fine Line & Age Wrinkles

The ageing process affects skin nature adversely in general. Age makes skin become rougher and slack because of the loss of elastin. Also due to the loss of moisture content and many years of exposure to the sun ultraviolet radiation, overall sagging sets in. Do not forget the effect of bone re-absorption with age around the mouth, chin, cheeks, temples, nose and eyes which make the skin around these areas to become loose. Overall effects are fine lines and wrinkles which take away the natural youthful beauty of human beings.

Fine Line & Age Wrinkles



Fully Qualified And Trained Clinical Pharmacist and Prescriber

Aesthetics by Cornelius Agoye

Cornelius is a fully qualified clinical pharmacist and prescriber and additionally trained in aesthetics and beauty at Harley Street, London. As a qualified medic with years of pharmacy and GP Surgery practice experience, Cornelius has more than 5 years of experience in the aesthetics business, offering several facial lines and wrinkle smoothening treatments including facial volumization with dermal fillers, fat reduction through lipo cavitation and radiofrequency treatments, facial rejuvenation and hair re-growth through platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment and generally enhancing people’s beauty through his wide knowledge and experience of the art and science of aesthetics practice. Cornelius regularly receives professional training and updates himself by attending conferences, seminars organised by international experts such as Dr Mario Maurico and Dr Tapan Patel. He frequently avails himself of course updates provided by world-acclaimed beauty products manufacturers like Allergan and is also an avid reader and contributor to Aesthetics Beauty journals.

By law as prescribed by Health Education England (HEE), Age Wrinkle biological material administration and treatment for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes must be carried out by qualified and trained nurse prescribers, doctors, dentists and prescribing pharmacists. In this regard, treatment is available to clients across London, Greater London and beyond.

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